Vilnius Airport Transfer & Taxi

Vilnius Airport Transfer

Book private transfer and driver will be waiting for you at the airport arrivals with a sign displaying your name.

Taxi in Vilnius Airport

After picking up your luggage, you can go out and get a taxi. However, there are usually a lot of people waiting in line for taxis and it can take quite some time for you to get in one. A taxi doesn’t need to make any special stops and will take you directly to where you are going, which will save some time after you actually got into one. Vilnius airport transfer with taxi costs approx. 35€ to go to the city center, but some people report having been asked to pay 50€ or more. Taking a taxi from Vilnius airport to Kaunas or Druskininkai isn‘t the best idea, because a taxi with a meter can cost you 150-250€. You can check other alternatives here

Vilnius Airport Taxi

Public transport

City bus

If you’re taking a bus to your final destination, you’ll notice, there’ll be a lot of waiting. Sometimes you will also need to change buses multiple times. There‘s a bus that goes from the airport to the main bus station. However, the lines for it can be long and so can be the wait. Once you reach the main bus station, you will need to purchase a ticket to your destination and then wait until the next bus is scheduled to leave. The next scheduled departure could be minutes or hours from your arrival at the bus station. There are many stops along the way and it can take a long time to reach your final destination. The bus transfer to Kaunas will cost approx. 10€ and 15€ to Druskininkai. Buy tickets
Vilnius city bus


The train is another option to leave Vilnius Airport, and there is one that goes directly from the airport to the central station. However, it‘s only offered sixteen times a day, so you may find yourself waiting a while for the next one to depart. Once you arrive at the central station, you will need to purchase a ticket to your destination and wait until your train is scheduled to leave. A train ride is usually a bit faster than taking a bus, but it can still take quite a bit of time, especially if the train needs to take stops in between. Book train transfer
Train in Lithuania

Private transfer

Vilnius Airport transfer with private car is one of the most popular options, especially when going to Kaunas or Druskininkai. You have all the advantages of taxi transfer, but at a fixed price you know at the time of booking. What‘s more, you have driver assigned specially for you, who will monitor your flight for delays and changes. Schedule your transport ahead of time and know that someone will be there when you arrive. Transfers can be arranged for single travelers, small groups, and even larger groups. Private transfer price starts from 40€ to Vilnius and 100€ to Kaunas.

Vilnius Airport Transfer

Rent economy class car

Renting a car is always a nice option for when you are traveling, but you’ll have to wait in line to pick it up after getting off your airplane. This takes time that you may not have, plus there are always a few downsides to renting a car. When you leave the rental car area, you will not be familiar with where you are going, so it may take you extra time to arrive at your destination. You will also need to be prepared to find a parking spot whenever you take the car anywhere and you may need to pay to park the rental car at your hotel. Parking fees add up quickly. If you‘re looking for cheap rental cars, prices start at 35€ per day.

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